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North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition 

Legacy Statement

Texans support breastfeeding.


Mission Statement

To improve the health of families in North Texas by working collaboratively to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.


Organizational Goals

  • Improve breastfeeding rates 

  • Increase awareness of all local laws and policies protecting breastfeeding 

  • Encourage public and working environments supportive of breastfeeding

  • Encourage evidence-based practices to protect breastfeeding across community sectors

  • Build, link and ensure access to state and local resources 

  • Foster communication and build a strong networking system among stakeholders 


Strategic Goals

The North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition has adopted the following strategies to achieve its mission and legacy:


Goal A: Ensure that quality breastfeeding services are an essential component of care for all families.

  1. Advocate for the adoption of evidence-based breastfeeding standards, guidelines and regulations for facilities providing maternity and infant services.

    1. Promote the Texas Ten Steps Program (TTS) and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) to hospitals

    2. Employment of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants

    3. Provide recognition to hospitals that maintain the TTS or BFHI

    4. Child care centers

    5. Develop recommendations to support lactation management (i.e. breast pumps, etc.)

  2. Ensure that health care professionals have the knowledge and resources to make evidence-based recommendations and treatment decisions that optimize breastfeeding outcomes.

    1. Disseminate available trainings and other resources

    2. Hold continuing education conferences for health professionals

  3. Counteract the negative impact of product marketing in the health care setting.

    1. Advocate for the elimination of the distribution of formula marketing materials


Goal B: Increase public awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding.

  1. Advocate for the normalization of breastfeeding in public.

    1. Encourage public sites to support breastfeeding and to display DSHS “Breastfeeding Friendly Establishment” decals

    2. Demonstration project to promote awareness about the right to breastfeed in public

    3. Disseminate information and promote programs related to the right to breastfeed in public.

  2. Increase community support of breastfeeding.

    1. Curriculum or literature to directly impact support by dads and grandparents

    2. Network to strengthen the breastfeeding community support system

Goal C: Ensure that women and their families in the workforce are supported in optimal breastfeeding.

  1. Increase awareness of all local laws and policies protecting breastfeeding 

  2. Encourage implementation of worksite lactation support policies for businesses.

    1. Encourage businesses to become a Mother Friendly Worksite (MFW)

    2. Use the Business Case for Breastfeeding toolkit and other strategies to educate organizations about the need for worksite lactation accommodation and support

    3. Recognize employers who have implemented the best practices in worksite lactation support


Goal D: Ensure that the North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition is a sustainable and effective organization.

  1. Maintain a strong governance framework, including a committee structure that mobilizes members and volunteers to collaborate to support achievement of strategic goals while making the best use of their unique skills and expertise.

  2. Continue to build multi-sector, diverse membership and cultivate appropriate strategic partnerships

  3. Develop recommendations and implement activities based on assessment findings

  4. Serve as an expert voice of breastfeeding information.


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